We turn trees into low impact materials reducing your products impact.

Founded 4 years ago, Futurity Bio-Ventures (FBV) is a renewable chemical and material production company commercialising New Zealand's first advanced biorefinery. FBV integrates world leading biotechnology to add considerable value to lignin.

FBV is looking to integrate the world leading biotechnology platform invented by MetGen Oy (Finland), into existing pulp and paper production in New Zealand. This enzymatically breaks lignin down into more uniform fractions differentiated by molecular weight. This enables lignin to be used as a high performing and cost effective product in a wide range of applications.

Oil is used to make many of the products we use daily. Lignin can outperform oil in many of these applications, resulting in lower impact products and reducing our dependence on oil. Futurity Bio-Ventures exists to keep oil in the ground by supplying lignin to lead a new wave of biobased materials.

With exclusive use of MetGen’s technology in New Zealand, FBV produces high value NZ derived lignin to supply domestic and international markets, increasing the value of New Zealand’s forestry resources.